Information for adolescents

The Tackling Teenage Training program

Adolescents go through many changes during puberty. Their body is changing and they will feel and behave different. Many adolescents need to familiarise with all these changes, feelings and new experiences. For some adolescents, these transitions are more difficult in terms of changes and social contacts, for instance for adolescents with problems with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). For these adolescents puberty is a quite difficult period and that is the reason Yulius Mental Health Organisation in the Netherlands has developed the Tackling Teenage Training (TTT) program, in order to offer a better guidance for adolescents with ASD that go through puberty. The TTT program is an intervention in which adolescents with ASD learn about physical changes during puberty, friendship, love and courtship, (safe) sex, pregnancy, and boundaries of themselves and other people. The TTT program consists of 18 sessions  of 45-60 minutes that the adolescent follows on a weekly basis individually with a trainer.


The Tackling Teenage Research

The Tacking Teenage Research examines whether the TTT program can ensure that adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) improve their knowledge, skills and insight into relationships and sexuality and get a better understanding of appropriate and inappropriate behavior. In addition, it is expected that adolescents will feel more confident and have less concerns about the future by following the TTT program.


For more information about the TTT program and the possibilities of following the training in your own language and country, please contact us thought the contact page.

Training material

The manual of the Tackling Teenage Training is available online (only in Dutch) For more information